"Natalie, thank you so much for sending me my bottle
of XII, as you promised. I received two compliments
last night at the fundraiser I attended. Honestly, I have
never received compliments on my perfumes. I'm very
happy and recommending to all my friends here in NYC.
Hope to see you soon, Jana"

"My name is Steve and I wear Corpus Dei. I live alife of
adventure, seeking those truly beautiful moments fueled
by my passions. I’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail, hooked
a 384 lb. Blue Marlin off St. Johns, and shook the
President’s hand. I have loved, and knowing love has
graced me. My life has many flavors and Corpus Dei XII
is the aromatic embodiment of my life. I had to find out
more. As a child my father taught me the value of wearing
cologne, it is like a nice little surprise for to those you
allow into your personal space, but mostly it is for you:
that little touch of confidence. At first I was apprehensive
about wearing something called a “unisex fragrance,” as I
did not want to smell like a woman. My fears were short
lived. Truth be told, this scent smells different on everyone,
it reacts with your body to make something special and
unique on you, something almost spiritual. Corpus Dei:
Body of God. I am Steve and I wear Corpus Dei."

– Steve Williams, Ultra Marathon Cycling Champion
and owner/operator Ronin Sherpa