It is our human condition to desire, hunt and capture that
which we want to keep for ourselves. This can be a very
beautiful and creative experience. This is why Natalie finds
it imperative to also provide exclusive consultations to
collaborate one on one to create the perfect fragrance just
for you or to be gifted to someone you love. This exclusivity
is what we desire in so many facets of life. We seek to have
things in which our own, belonging to no one else.

Some things are meant to remain private and we should all
have our little secrets. Allow Natalie to create for you your
very own little secret that no one can see but can definitely
sense. This consultation is a time to share inspiration in
creating a perfectly handcrafted “scents-ual” expression.

Consultations start at $225. You will visit with Natalie and
answer some questions. She will gather information about
the essence you wish to bring into being, and in turn, you
will soon have your very own bottled redolence.















                                   For appointment inquiries:
Natalie Bolton