I want to create love. And while I'm on this earth, I hope to spread love. For years, people have asked me what fragrance I wear. For years, I've declined to reveal that secret. One day, over lunch with a friend, he told me, "I woke up excited today because I knew we were having lunch, and I was going to get to smell you. And that made me smile." I realized then, if I can create something that will make people smile, if even for just a moment-this is the greatest thing I can do. Scents are powerful.  Scents evoke feelings, memories, and sensations in an instant. I have faith in a carnal and primal love-a spiritual love that is gently waiting to be released in all of us. This burning passion can be nurtured through the senses. I have blended my love of fragrance with my conviction, that we are all the embodiment of God. I am thoroughly pleased to offer Corpus Dei.  



Natalie Bolton, Creator

Natalie Bolton


We all meet people who have a special something about them - an aura, a vibe, a feeling.

What is that “thing” people possess that draws one in? Some things are meant to remain private. We should all have our own little secrets. It is our human condition to desire, hunt and capture that which we want to keep for ourselves.

Greetings from the world of CORPUS DEI, a fragrance company that is like no other. Here at CORPUS DEI, we have three signature scents that arouse the senses.

However, if you want to be even more mysterious and elusive, CORPUS DEI offers private consultations with the creator and perfumer behind the company. Natalie Bolton’s vision was to blend scents for the discriminating consumer as well as privately create upon request for the even more avant-garde individual.

We welcome you to worship the body of God in you. We welcome you to CORPUS DEI.



"Over the years as I have gotten to know Natalie, it is as if she has weaved the past together in a perfect patchwork quilt of scents to represent her life. I see her deep spirituality when I smell the patchouli mixed with a dash of tobacco in her Texas upbringing or the sweet smell of leather reminiscent of a motorcycle ride with her dad. Natalie brings this same intuition and love to each of her custom blends." -Emily Maclure

There is a running chord that permeates each Corpus Dei fragrance. However, they individually stand alone in their own integrity. Whether it be as contrasting as Rose from Damascus, or Arabian Sandalwood, or Indonesian Black Pepper, once a potion is blended, Natalie’s allure is to bring weight to the fragrance. As our spirits desire to soar we can also be grounded on the earth by which we walk. So however floating or clean or vibrantly sharp the aroma, Natalie attracts a particular essence that is the heart of her collection. Natalie encases her oil in recycled French glass. She also uses discretion with the oils she appoints, and blends each perfume by hand with love and grace.